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garyp2015 RA survivor

This page is about what I know about recovery form Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Programming. I have achieved some permanent healing from the effects of my abuse, and share what I have learned here.

It is important to understand that Ritual Abuse and Mind control aren't separate things. They are 2 aspects of the system of brainwashing that has been developed by the ruling class. There are some differences between programming for ruling class families and outsiders, but both require rape, brutalizing and betrayal, to develop the ability to dissociate. Varying amounts of ECT are used to then program the pre-dissociated victim. Also important to understand is that different survivors of systematic brainwashing will give different accounts of their experience, and will hold different views of the system created from the pieces of their shattered minds. It is the details that all accounts share in common, that reveal the essential elements of this brainwashing system, that include: rape, betrayal, electricity and a callous disregard for human rights.

The effect of the abuse I suffered can be explained in a simple way - according to my understanding. Each trauma causes the mind to separate a piece of itself, to hold the emotion of that trauma. Yet that piece is still connected to the person, and cannot ever be totally disconnected. This piece also holds beliefs, emotions and knowledge consistent with the trauma. It is an emotional separation, but that separated self still influences the mind, as a subconscious program. At the time of the abuse, these pieces can have programming added to them. Quite complex programming can be added to it, even to the point of creating a separate character. When triggered, any piece can take over the body, and show behavior that is consistent with the emotion and beliefs and knowledge of that piece. Using mind control techniques, pieces can be retrieved and programming continued, as desired by the abuser. An entire personality and character can be constructed. This is very useful for military use.

The process of creating a separated piece of consciousness is an energetic and emotional process. Generally it requires trauma to occur, and the emotion providing the energy of separation is fear. The separation of these pieces is supported by the energetic imbalance, which is also reflected in the body. These imbalances often cause illness and physical problems. Consequently, both energetic and emotional techniques can be used to heal the separation and reunify the mind. Additionally, beliefs can also be traced to their origin and healing can occur that way. I use all three ways to heal, and often use more than one way to work on each separation.

We are triggered when we observe certain circumstances that remind us of the original trauma, and then we have an emotional response. This is an emotional memory of the original situation. Using the energy stored in it, that separated part of the mind takes over our conscious mind and we find ourselves feeling the feeling, and believing the beliefs of that piece. Understanding this and practicing the observation of this process, leads to uncovering these pieces. When we don't understand what is happening, we are totally at the mercy of this programmed piece. Yet when we understand what is happening, and are aware of it, we can decide to release the emotion. We allow the emotion to rise up and spread to all parts of our body, and then we can release - usually through grieving.

We can also heal ourselves when we are not having a reaction. When we look at the problematic patterns in our life, we can learn about the beliefs that make these patterns possible. Once we have the causative belief, we can use this as a hook to retrieve the piece of mind that holds it. We can use guided visualizations to return to the origin of these beliefs and correct them. I use this method a lot and it really works. Other visualizations allow the subconscious mind to choose what belief or problem to heal. Some are also focused on the body, using unwell locations in the body to hook into separated pieces of mind. I find it to be true that every separated piece of mind will be associated with an unwell location in the body.

In the last few months I have discovered EFT tapping, and I'm still learning how to use it. Already I am getting powerful results from this method. It uses the energy meridians in the body to release energy imbalances. However, I first had poor results by not using the method properly. It is vitally important to get the tapping locations (acupuncture points) correct. Many EFT videos online don't show the correct locations, and don't use the technique properly. Find videos that are technically precise, show exactly where the points are, and show how to create the powerful phrases to use - ones that use a single phrase throughout the process - not ones that include a whole dialogue. I really noticed a huge difference when I used the technique properly, whereas when I copied most of the videos online I didn't get much of a result. I'm still experimenting with this method and I see that it clears the energy imbalance that are caused by separated pieces of mind. This removes the effect of the separated piece very quickly. I'm still investigating its effect on the separation of the mind pieces. Yet the results I have so far are remarkable and I certainly will continue using it.

Another technique I find very beneficial is Ho'oponopono. It can be used specifically and generally. This is a very spiritual method and it uses, among other things, the power of forgiveness. I usually use this method on specific issues, feelings, beliefs or people, locations, circumstances, etc. I find that some time after using the method I will experience an emotional release. Yet the calming effect of this method is immediate. Regarding forgiveness, I believe that healing cannot be completed without it.

The abuse has many different aspects, from emotional to technical, and from general to specific. It is unsurprising that a combination of healing methods of different styles, used together as I see fit, helps me to continue making progress. Currently I am dealing a lot with the many hundreds of pieces of myself (alters) that were split off using ECT and other traumatic techniques. Memories I have of ECT involve me watching calmly from outside my body. ECT induces an out of body experience, and allow the criminal doctors to systematically program the pieces of the mind they have created, without any interference from the usual defenses of the mind. Primarily I find that using a self-generated visualization has helped me to find, rescue and gather together all the different pieces of my mind, and reunify them. Once the pieces realize they are being rescued by me, they rapidly change their mind about remaining separate and are generally motivated to reunify.

I use a variety of methods in my healing - depending on my feeling at the time. My thoughts about the methods are based on my impressions. As I use many methods, I cannot judge the effectiveness of any one in isolation. Certainly there will be influence between methods. Most importantly, I am going about it in the way that suits me at the time. I am my own doctor and healer. I am the one who oversees my healing and I consult with, and learn from others. I don't put my healing in the hands of others. My healing is not yet complete, and I still experience significant limitations in my life from the effects of the abuse. As my healing progresses, it seems to speed up - constantly rewarding me with a sense of progress and increasing inner peace.