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garyp2015 RA survivor

This page exposes the real outcome for child abusers over time. Although some Satanists may feel they got what they wished for, this did not happen in the family I grew up in. I suggest that it will probably not happen for most abusers.

At the time of my childhood, my abusing family likely felt that they were gaining something really valuable for themselves, that justified the horrific treatment of the children in their care, including me. Although each family is different, there are some common patterns of expectation. Satanists seek power and riches, for this life and the afterlife. But the reality is, only a person driven insane by abuse could believe in such a promise so much to actually abuse others for it. Yet, once the abuse begins, there is no going back. There is the threat of punishment from other Satanists and society if they get caught. They must keep the secret for the rest of their life, to avoid punishment.

At first, the abusers get money from things like child sex trafficking and get respect form the other Satanists for being a good participant. They may also enjoy the benefit of secret deals and the trickle down of benefits from deals made by those higher up in the cult. There is also the promise that the abused child can be programmed to be a solo sport or music star, bringing in a lot of money for the family. At first it seems that these promises are starting to be fulfilled. But for most Satanists, this flow of benefits slows down and stops, as it becomes clear the children aren't performing as desired. Profitable outcomes are the exception, not the rule.

In my case, I had behavior problems right from the start. I was violent toward other children when I started elementary school, and the school demanded intervention. Due to the intervention and my behavior problems, I wasn't suitable for being groomed for any role that required being stable and reliable. My stepfamily saw that I wasn't going to bring them riches as promised, and all they could do was participate in damage control, and try somehow to appear like a normal family.

As time progressed, and my life got bogged down in hopelessness, poverty and lack of success, my stepfamily had only a small financial benefit from past abuse. they had enough money to buy a few properties and live comfortably. Yet my stepfather still needed to work until retirement to support this. Against this backdrop of modest middle class prosperity, there was a broken family. Separation between all members of the family, and no love to speak of. Parents that were not loved or trusted by the children in their care.

Once I left that family environment and lived elsewhere, the connection in the family reduced even more. Later when I recovered memories of my abuse, I further pulled away from them, and eventually confronted them with what I remembered. I cut myself off from them completely. All my stepmother could do was to try to get some revenge in exchange for my accusations. As my abusers got older, there was no happy family to enjoy. There was just resentment and isolation. They had enough money to be comfortable in their old age, but they had no love or happiness. There was only the prospect of getting older, sicker and dying, all without the happiness and support of a loving family. But they had enough money.

Later they got sick and died. My stepfather died of lung cancer from smoking, and my stepmother died later of dementia. They spent time in nursing homes and didn't enjoy much contact with family. They were unloved and lonely. The only thing they had enough of was money.

This outcome is no surprise. Really, what would you expect? - that you could abuse children and then later everything would be OK? - that life would work out nicely and everyone would be happy?

Satanists destroy their own lives and the lives of others with their insanity. Nobody wins.

Never make deals with Satanists. You are guaranteed to get ripped off. It will cost you your chance for a happy life.